Fabricated Foam

Fabricated Foam

Packaging Solutions as required


BEWi packaging offers from its modern factory in Vårgårda packaging solutions in Fabricated Foam. A very good news to anyone who needs packaging in lower volumes or where the design of the packaging is not too complicated. Fabricated Foam means we buy the material in block form, then in our modern machinery, process the material to customer-specific solutions. The products are made mainly from EPE or PUR foam.

The new factory in Vårgårda opened its doors this spring and is a modern factory with the latest machines for the production of packaging in the materials EPE and PUR. With our new production as well as our design team, we, BEWI Packaging, can offer you shock absorbing or fixative packaging solutions regardless of design, volume, function, or other important specifications as we can now produce in EPS, EPP, EPE and PUR materials. For example, we can follow your product from a low volume product to a high volume product.

Polyethylene (PE) cellular plastic or cell polyethylene is the most common material for shock absorption, separation and fixation of medium to heavy products in the industry of fabricated packaging. BEWi can offer transport protection from low volumes up to high volume products. The material is manufactured in a wide variety of varieties and colors as well as with different characteristics depending on the application, eg. soundproofing, dissipative / conductive and flame retardant properties.










PUR is an abbreviation of Polyurethane and is a family name of a chemically foamed product. The material has open cells, which allows the material to pass through air and water and makes the material soft. Polyesters and Polyesters are used as packaging materials for products of low weight or very sensitive, eg. Antistat treated Polyether for electronics and telecom. Polyester is a slightly stiffer material with properties such as, for example, Resistance to oil, fat and acids. While the material can be flame retardant, Polyester is used as a sound absorber in the automotive industry and, for example, heat pumps and compressors.