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BEWiSynbra is the leading supplier of EPS, EPP and Fabricated Foam solutions in northern Europe. With us you will not only buy a finished product, we will help you find the best protection and packaging solution. Our expertise is always available to our customers.

We offer a wide variety of standard products with everything from technical packaging to  fish boxes. We also have a very competent technical team that design packages to suit your needs. We either start with a 3D model that you supply or we will base our design on the products that need packaging. Our design centre models an optimal packaging solution based on your specifications. The solution is presented as a 3D visual and a prototype can be supplied if required.

The wisest way to protect what you pack

Cellular plastic is a material that has unique qualities and good plasticity. As a shock protector, the materials are unsurpassed due to their cushioning and elastic properties. If there are any impacts the shock is absorbed – in the same way as collision zones do in a modern car. Low weight and simple packaging also contributes to good packaging economy and can raise the status of the packaged product.

Customer unique solutions

BEWi can optimize your packaging management and protect the complete packaging solution. From technical design of shock absorbers to packaging, graphic design and pressure.

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BEWi manufactures a wide assortment of packages for drugs, medicines and products that are sensitive to temperatures.

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Cool boxes

Cool boxes made from EPS. Can be combined with different types of cooling agents.

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Edge protection in EPS

Light and very durable corner protection in EPS. Can easily be broken up into suitable lengths.

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Edge protection in EPP

Light and very durable corner protection in EPP. Suitable for heavier, shock sensitive products.

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Corner protection in EPS

Function as distance and corner protection. Can withstand hard blows, shocks and pressure. Comes delivered in units that are easy to divide.

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Hole chips

Can be used for details that have a diameter of 8-25 mm. The format of the chips is made for standard pallets and pallet collars.

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Vegetable boxes

Fruit and vegetables are goods that deserve the best possible treatment. Vegetable boxes from BEWi provide an optimal protection against shocks and blows, while they also insulate against sudden changes in temperature

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Silica bags / Cooler bags

Are used in combination with cooling boxes for transportation that is sensitive to temperatures.

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Fish boxes

Freshness from the sea with boxes from BEWi is the optimal solution for the fishing industry. The fish boxes can withstand humidity, can be stapled, and are transportation friendly as well as being hygienic.

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EPS Pallets

The pallets that are manufactured from cellular plastic are disposable but can very well be used as a transportation pallet both internally and externally.

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Coolsafe & E-trade boxes

Meat, milk, vegetables and other stapes purchased on the internet should naturally maintain their quality and freshness all the way to the dinner table. Therefore, an unbroken cooling chain is just as important as the cooling room in the grocery store.

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Pulley in EPS

Functions as filler and shock absorber. High flexibility. The pulley is divided into two modules. The thickness can be adjusted by combining the pulleys in two different ways.

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Wine packaging

Protection and shock absorption packaging for wine bottles. Comes in different sizes.

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Technical components

Moulded technical components of EPS and EPP can through their special material qualities improve usability in products.

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Through its low weight and plasticity, EPP is very well suited for applications in the automotive industry.

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Heat insulation in combination with qualities such as low weight, high strength, energy absorbent, sound isolating and a great deal of flexibility makes EPP the obvious choice for application for HVAC.

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